Geneva int’l motor show

Added On March 11, 2019

 89th Geneva International Motor Show has kicked off, where electric cars continue to take the lead this year.
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As the first annual European car show, Geneva International Motor Show(GIMS) is known as a vane of the automotive industry.
At this year's show, this vane clearly points to electrification. 
Nearly half of the world and European premieres launched at the show are pure electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid vehicles. 
The world's major automakers, such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, all unveiled their electric or hybrid models.
SOUNDBITE (English) UDO RUGHEIMER, Innovation&Tech  Communications, Audi
"Things will be in advance in the future. Of course there will be certain developments making batteries even better."
The show isn't just a platform for major vehicle launches, but also serves to showcase the cars people may probably never heard of. For example, flying car.
Dutch auto maker Pal-V said that the driver can just drive to a grass field, unfold the wings, and the flying car will take off into the sky.
"We are developing for the future versions, which are more eco-friendly."