UK pet dogs in brexit protest

Added On March 13, 2019

 Pet dogs have participated in an unusual Brexit protest, held at the Victoria Tower Gardens next to the UK parliament.

Titled "Brexit is a dog’s dinner", the protest featured dogs wearing EU flags.
They stood at tables with protest signs reading "No Brexit" and "Call For a Second Referendum."
The organizer believes that Brexit is not only affecting people’s daily lives, but also bringing trouble to their pets.
"What we're saying here today with millions of other people across this country is that we would like to see this put back for a second referendum so we can make a decision. We’re also saying that dogs will actually suffer as well as people because Brexit could mean a shortage of vets in this country to look after these animals. It could mean an increase in the cost of pet medicines, a shortage of pet foods and increasing cost in pet foods and also a lot of freedom of movement of people but for animals as well."
With less than 20 days to go before the scheduled Brexit date on March 29th, UK parliament has yet to pass the Brexit agreement.