Tractor with BeiDou Navigation System tested in Tunisia

Added On March 13, 2019

 A self-driving tractor with the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System installed has been tested successfully in northwestern Tunisia.

On Sunday, the representatives from China and the Arab Information and Communication Technologies Organization (AICTO), as well as the academic staff of an engineering school in northwestern Tunisia, attended the test ceremony.
The tractor, equipped with a BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, or BDS, can be controlled remotely without a driver and used in various agricultural activities.
The strategic planning and development director at AICTO said he was very impressed and surprised by the quality of the equipment offered by BeiDou.
A specialist in the mechanical industry stressed the contribution of Chinese technology to the agricultural sector in Tunisia.
BDS is compatible with other navigation systems, such as GPS, and users can receive services from both systems at the same time, improving positioning accuracy.