Added On March 14, 2019

Analysts have said the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, or SCO, has great potential to promote regional development and connectivity.
They made the remarks at an international conference in Pakistan, with the topic "Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Future Prospects and Regional Connectivity."
Let's take a look.
Elena Dostanko, a professor at Belarusian State University, highlighted that the SCO is playing a role in bridging Asia and Europe.
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): ELENA DOSTANKO,  Belarusian State University
"It could be a platform of Eurasian alternative to Western Europe to non-western center of gravity in Eurasia. Changing architecture of new world order makes SCO to set up new standards in new horizons, and probably uniting of European and Asian dimension could be one possibility."
Naeem Khalid Lodhi, former Defense Minister of Pakistan, explained the importance of Pakistan with regards to the development of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor , or CPEC.
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH):  NAEEM KHALID LODHI, Former Defense Minister of Pakistan
Maybe it will become one of the leading countries to play a role in SCO."
Experts emphasized the need for close cooperation among SCO members.
They also stressed the need for regional cooperation under the multilateral platform of the SCO to fight the real-time challenges facing the region, especially terrorism, separatism and religious extremism.