Chinese wildlife conservationist in Africa

Added On March 16, 2019

China is taking a lead in global wildlife conservation efforts and helping to protect threatened environments around the world.
Lifestyles has the story of a Chinese wildlife conservationist in Africa.
Zhuo Qiang is the Chairman of Mara Conservation Fund in Africa's famous Maasai Mara National reserve.
At this year's United Nations Environment Assembly, Zhuo?taught local rangers how to use modern technologies like GPS to protect wild animals. 
Zhuo uses GPS to monitor animal movements and ascertain if the animals are in danger.
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH): ZHUO QIANG, Wild Life Conservationist
"We patrol around the border of the conservancy and whenever we see the lions we see the pride, we spend more time with them and also see the GPS coordinates and we go back to the camp and we will take notes which area is good for lions to stay there to? sleep there or make a kill or prey on other animals, so we will see the frequency."
Zhuo has been living with Maasai people since 2011 when he first started his quest to create the Mara conservation fund. Locals call him "Simba", a local word for "Lion Heart".
During his time in Africa, Zhou has contributed to conservancy efforts by showing local rangers how to use technologies like GPS and donating needed items like binoculars and vehicles.
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH): ZHUO QIANG, Wild Life Conservationist
"I donated this vehicle to Olkinyei Conservancy to make rangers become mobile, so they can reach very far. It's much better than the land cruiser which is very noisy so they can come closer to the leopards easily. The leopards is not very scared of this vehicle, it's small and quiet."
Zhuo meets with fellow rangers every morning, and then after a short briefing sets out on animal patrols.
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH) ZHUO QIANG, Wild Life Conservationist
"We normally patrol along the border of the conservancy to make sure there is no poacher, there is no illegal grazing and there is no wild animals, endangered species has no injury."
Zhuo has also carried out wildlife protection campaigns in China to teach people the importance of wildlife conservation.
"We strongly believe that to inspire more people around the world, especially Chinese community worldwide, to know the critical importance of conservation, so every year we invite and organize a lot of volunteers from China from America, from all over the world to visit Maasai Mara, to visit Ol Kinyei?to join the field project, our conservation project helps the community to live better."
The Mara conservancy fund run by Zhuo has been working in partnership with Game watchers camps.
He and his team have not only helped to increase the number of animals in the area, but have also contributed to the well being of local communities.
"So the benefits of the conservancy to the Maasai people living here, we have a lot of benefits, first of the benefits is creating job opportunities for the local people like I'm working under Porini camps game watchers company which is running the conservancy and 99 percent are from the local Maasai community jobs creation opportunities that we have in this conservancy. We also get water, they have been drilling water to the local communities to avoid coming into rivers in the conservancy, built local schools, they also take Maasai children to educational tours."
Over the past five years, the population of lions that Zhuo looks after has increased in number.
His conservancy has also been ranked as one of the most protected in the Mara National reserve.