Alexandria International Book Fair in Egypt

Added On April 9, 2019

Now turning to Egypt, where the 15th Alexandria International Book Fair has seen a surprising high turnout over the past two weeks. 
The Alexandria International Book Fair, which has been held for 15 years, is the second largest exhibition in Egypt. 
The organizing body Bibliotheca Alexandrina has attracted 50 Egyptian and Arab publishers to the two-week-long event this year. 
Media advisor of the body said the event is a big draw for book-lovers as it focuses on a wide range of subjects. 
SOUNDBITE (Arabic): HOSSAM ABDELKADER, Media advisor to Bibliotheca Alexandrina
"We present a lot of activities for the visitors of the book fair, with 165 cultural activities in two weeks. The activities cover a wide range of subjects like literature, poetry and novels. We also have 14 workshops for children."
The media advisor also said reading has become a trend, and he hopes this year's fair will encourage more people to read.
SOUNDBITE (Arabic): HOSSAM ABDELKADER, Media advisor to Bibliotheca Alexandrina
"I expect the book fair to be held in every city, better spread culture among people. I believe such affair is very important for people who are eager to read books, and I can feel that because there is a lot of visitors this year."