Expert: B&R Initiative Supplements Global System

Added On April 10, 2019

A leading Indonesian think tank says the China-proposed Belt and Road initiative improves the existing global system. 
China Report has more. 
Jusuf Wanandi is the founder of Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a top think tank in Southeast Asia and the Pacific region. 
During an interview with CNC, Wanandi sees the Belt and Road Initiative as a supplement to the existing global system. 
SOUNDBITE 1 (Bahasa Indonesia), Jusuf Wanandi, CSIS Founder
"It fills the holes in the old system, led and formed by the United States. Yet, the system is weakening. It needs to be repaired. China can do that through the BRI." 
Recalling the First Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, Wanandi said this year's forum needs to take a step further. 
SOUNDBITE 3 (Bahasa Indonesia), Jusuf Wanandi, CSIS Founder
"delete: Two years ago, the first forum established and offered the BRI. As so many countries accepted the initiative, the next question is the implementation. How do we implement? What we think is a collective job, not only by China."  
Wanandi said he's eager to represent CSIS in the second Belt and Road Forum later this month, adding that CSIS has cooperated with several Chinese think tanks to promote the BRI.  
SOUNDBITE 4 (Bahasa Indonesia), Jusuf Wanandi, CSIS Founder
"delete: Bureaucrats do not have time to think far into the future. Our think tank should focus on the distant future, so we can secure strategic advantages."