Israely parliamentary elections

Added On April 11, 2019

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his main rival Benny Gantz, an ex-general and leader of a centrist party, have both claimed victory in the closely-fought parliamentary elections.

On Tuesday night, Israeli former military chief Benny Gantz made an address at the headquarters of his centrist Blue and White Party, saying "this is a historic day for Israel".
Gantz said Israel's incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu needs to step down, promising to form the country's next government.
Meanwhile, Netanyahu also claimed a victory in the closely-fought elections that ended on Tuesday. 
Netanyahu is fighting for a fifth term in office, which will make him the country's longest-serving prime minister.
So far, exit polls on Israel's three main TV news channels showed contradicting results, with one poll indicating a landslide victory for Gantz's Blue and White Party while the other two showing a tied race.
Official results are expected to be released on Wednesday morning.