Netanyahu set for fifth term

Added On April 12, 2019

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to become the country's longest-serving leader after his major rival has conceded defeat in parliamentary elections.

Netanyahu appears poised for a fifth term as prime minister with 99 percent of the votes already counted.
His Likud party and Israel's major opposition party, the Blue and White party, currently have 35 seats each in the country's 120-seat parliament.
However, Israel's Netanyahu-led right-wing bloc has a total of 65 seats, 10 seats more than its center-left rival. This means Netanyahu will likely be forming the next coalition government.
Final results are expected Thursday. A relatively wide margin means a major reversal is unlikely.
Netanyahu's victory has been overshadowed by corruption charges.
The prime minister will attend a hearing this summer with the attorney general, who will decide whether he will have to appear in court.
Netanyahu has repeatedly denied all of the allegations.