Artisan gourmet in Spain

Added On April 13, 2019

People have gathered to present gourmet artisan products at a salon in Spain.
The producers hope to make their products appealing to more customers to boost rural productivity, as Spanish rural areas become increasingly depopulated. 
Their products are promoted by a project known as "Mercado de la Cosecha" in the northwestern Spanish region of Galicia.
SOUNDBITE (Spanish): MARCOS PéREZ, Project Manager
"The rural environment requires economic activity in this environment. The products create some activity so the small populations, in our case in Galicia, have economic and social activity."
Galo Celta is the brand of gourmet grocery that is part of the project and employs 30 people. 
Its owner also explained the keys of this initiative.
SOUNDBITE (Spanish): DAVID SUEIRO, Owner of Galo Celta
"There are very few labor alternatives in the area where we are located. Our project generates economic activity."