Tour of Brazil's Florianopolis

Added On April 13, 2019

In Brazil, the capital of the southern Santa Catarina state, Florianopolis, is well known as the Island of Magic.
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You can find people coming here for the food and drinks, business, experience, leisure, and of course, adventure.
If you're unsure about spending the weekend in a countryside setting or at the beach, how about both?
"I have experienced horseback riding before, but today it was a different. It's a very good experience that I can blend beaches with rural areas. Very nice."
As people surf, the caravan follows by the sea with the breeze of the field, and foam in the sand.
It looks like a movie script, but it's a professional-guided ride with docile, well-trained horses.
Between woods and white sand dunes, it's an adventurer's dream. The proximity between the sea and countryside has led businessman Arthur Santos to see a great opportunity for those who run a farm in this region.
"Praia de Mo?ambique is the largest beach of the island, a deserted beach near the Rio Vermelho State Park. It's a preserved area, a preservation area."
The ride lasts on average an hour and a half, with quiet paths, even for children and beginners in the noble art of riding.
The tour is very enjoyable, even for those who have already had this kind of experience.
"I already did the tour in Australia, but I found it's better here, because the horses are very beautiful and peaceful. Even with a child alone on the horse was pretty cool."
So what's your choice The countryside with the scent of the sea, or the seaside with the breeze of the countryside Here, you can experience the beauty of both the countryside and the seaside.