China,Cuba work together in oil extraction

Added On April 14, 2019

 Workers from China and Cuba are working together to extract oil in the Caribbean region.

Around 160 Chinese workers from the oil drilling company Great Wall are collaborating with workers from Cuba Union Petroleum, or Cupet, to discover oil in the waters around the island.   
SOUNDBITE (CHINESE) MENG FANJI, Deputy Manager in Cuba for Great Wall
"This project was born from an agreement between both governments in 2004. The company Great Wall, of the China National Petroleum Corporation, has introduced here our most advanced technology, the best equipment and the most prepared workers to have good cooperation with the Cuban side. We have elevated the efficiency of the drilling, lowered the cost of the construction of wells, and drilled various high production wells."
Near the coast of Boca de Camarioca is a new exploratory well stretching around 4,000 meters into the sea. 
For almost two months, workers have been trying to reach 6,950 meters, the point where they believe they will find hydrocarbon deposit. 
(SOUNDBITE, Spanish) JULIO JIMENEZ , Cupet Director of Drilling
"To reach these deposits, you need cutting edge technology and through the company Great Wall, we have accessed that technology. More powerful equipment, special drilling fluid, and other types of services really allow us to reach those objectives." 
At present, the island produces close to four million tons of hydrocarbons and gas per year. 
The oil that has been found in Cuba is the type that can be used in the generation of electricity and petroleum products.