CPEC helps empower women in Pakistan

Added On April 14, 2019

 The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is improving the lives of women across Pakistan. Take a look.

Nusrat Bai is a truck driver and a mother.
Every day, she drives a 60-ton dump truck that towers over her when she stands on the ground.
The job pays 25,000 rupees, around 360 US dollars a month, enough to provide for her family.
But not long ago, things weren't so easy.
Even with her husband working in a confectionary shop, the family's combined earnings never exceeded 6,000 rupees a month.
Nusrat says that things used to be tough for her family but now she can comfortably provide for her children.
SOUNDBITE (URDU): NUSRAT BAI, Pakistani Truck Driver
"We can provide better food and education for my child and we are working to provide a good future for my child."
Nusrat sometimes has to drive in temperatures as high as 44 degrees Celsius.
It's a high pressure job, but she says things are getting easier and she is getting better at it.
SOUNDBITE (URDU): NUSRAT BAI, Pakistani Truck Driver
"When I first saw the truck, I was terrified. But now that I have learned how to do it, it seems really easy. And I can happily drive it for whole day and can teach the skill to 50 other women."
Naseer Memon is the general manager of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC).
He says his company has hired 26 women to drive big dump trucks in the hopes of empowering more women by making them financially independent.
SOUNDBITE(URDU): NASEER MEMON, General Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility
"They are very tough, they are very resilient. So we were quite confident, we could give them the most challenging jobs."
The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has helped women like Nusrat Bai turn their lives around.
New infrastructure projects under the CPEC framework, jointly launched by China and Pakistan, have created many new jobs.
As CPEC projects continue to develop, there will be even brighter prospects in the future for improving local people's lives.