China-built power plant in Myanmar

Added On April 15, 2019

People in Myanmar's southern Mon state have celebrated the inauguration of a China-built combined cycle gas turbine power plant in the state.
The power plant has made over 1,500 villages in the state possible for access to electricity. Take a look.
The plant was built by China Energy Engineering Corporation.
Electricity generated from the plant will be transferred to Myanmar's national power grid and benefits locals in the area.
SOUNDBITE(BURMESE): U MAUNG OO, Taungmu Village Administrator
"The electricity reaches a standard voltage of 220 Volts. Each village has a transformer. It has made things more convenient and has improved people's welfare. They don't need to go logging in the forest any more."
Some households have started running refrigeration businesses, which has improved the quality of life in local villages.
Burmese lawmakers say the power plant has brought about a lot of change in the region.
SOUNDBITE(BURMESE): U SOE THIHA, Parliament Representative
"We still don't have light in some villages and mountainous areas. There are lights downtown. After opening this industry, we will get enough electricity."
Local lawmakers have welcomed foreign investment in the country as long as it is beneficial to the state and the people. Investment projects should tackle difficulties faced by local people and should benefit the masses.
The newly-built power plant is advanced for the area. It's automatic, while the old power plant was operated by hand.