Harvard China Forum

Added On April 15, 2019

The 22nd Harvard China Forum has kicked off in Boston.
Scholars and business leaders from the two countries have discussed challenges facing China-U.S. relations while expressing their optimism about the future.
Stephen Orlins, head of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations, said bilateral cooperation is essential in areas like combating climate change, fighting terrorism and containing pandemics.
Orlins said he is a strong optimist regarding U.S.-China relations over the long term.
Michael Szonyi, director of the Harvard Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, called for action from both sides to strengthen people-to-people exchanges in order to eliminate an understanding deficit.
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) MICHAEL SZONYI, Harvard Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies
"I would like all of you to consider U.S.-China relations not as a single, abstract relationship, but as multiple, real relationships embodied in personal connections."
Over 1,000 people are expected to attend the Harvard China Forum this year. The event features 11 panels covering a wide range of issues, including finance, technology and international relations.