"Writers & Illustrators of the Future" contest

Added On April 16, 2019

People of Chinese descent have received a large number of awards at this year's "Writers & Illustrators of the Future" awards ceremony in Hollywood, California.
Take a look.
Four out of the 12 winners were of Chinese descent.
Yingying Jiang was one of the award winners, who was born in China. 
She studied biology at Oxford, but was drawn to the arts instead.
She explained the inspiration behind one of her drawings after receiving her award.
"The boy has a friend, who has magical powers, and he offers the boy a lifestyle that is very different to what he is used to, and I've chosen to represent that with a necklace in the picture, I wanted? to depict a symbol of choice and decision, so that’s the main inspiration for this drawing."
The annual competition has been handing out awards to talented sci-fi writers and illustrators since the 1980s.