UN enovy,syrian FM discuss constitutional committee

Added On April 16, 2019

UN envoy to Syria has met with Syrian foreign minister to discuss forming a constitutional committee.
World News has the story.
According to Syrian state media on Sunday, the two sides discussed political efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis, including the formation of a constitutional committee.
The UN envoy to Syria Geir Pedersen also gave a briefing about the activities he's done since visiting Damascus last month.
He described his talks with Syrian foreign ministry officials as "substantial" and said they covered all issues.
"We have had very detailed substantial discussions and we are continuing the discussions this afternoon. So it's fair to say that we are now addressing all the issues so all the issues are on the table and let's see how we are able to proceed later this afternoon."
Pedersen has discussed forming a constitutional committee a number of times during his visits to the war torn country.
The committee would be tasked with suggesting amendments to the Syrian constitution.
The launch of a Syrian constitutional committee has become the centerpiece of UN peace efforts in the country.
The goal is to set up elections that can end the country's eight year-long war.
The Syrian government has been reluctant to allow any foreign interference with the constitution, saying it is a sovereign matter.