China's 1st intelligent underground garage for shared bikes

Added On April 17, 2019

China's first intelligent underground garage for shared bikes has been set up in southwest China's Sichuan province.
Lifestyles has the story.
China is not a stranger to shared bikes, which have been seen as cheap, efficient vehicles for covering short distances.
But some problems have surfaced: the overflow of bikes and rampant illegal parking.
The city of Chengdu has resorted to an economical and environmentally friendly way to deal with the problem - building an intelligent underground garage.
The underground garage is built near a subway station.
The overground part of the garage, in the shape of a telephone booth, only covers an area of 6 square meters, while the underground part, as deep as 10 meters, can store more than 200 bikes.
As the garage is automatically controlled by computer, it only takes 8 seconds to withdraw and park the bikes.
The garage's designer and maker, Tianjin Yuanzhuo Technology Development Co., Ltd, said this garage can save a great amount of public space and provide a clean environment.
SOUNDBITE (CHINESE): DING HONGYI, Manager, Tianjin Yuanzhuo Technology Development Co., Ltd
"The capacity of this garage is 224 bikes. It requires an area of roughly 400 square meters to store these bikes on the ground. Instead, this underground garage can store a large number of shared bikes, while providing a clean environment in busy areas or near subway stations. It will also provide a cosy city environment for residents using shared bikes."
So far, the underground garage has been in operation for around four months.