1st E-motorshow concludes in Lebanon

Added On April 17, 2019

Lebanon has held an e-Motorshow featuring electric and hybrid vehicles.
The expo is the first of its kind in the Middle East, with world's leading automakers presenting their the latest innovations of green cars.
China's Guangzhou Automobile Group and BYD were among the most prominent participants.
Guangzhou Automobile Group launched its first EV car, the Trumpchi GE3 in the expo. It can drive up to 530 kilometers after being charged for eight hours.
While BYD showcased Yuan, a well-priced EV car welcomed by importers of the Lebanese market.
The EVs have gained popularity in the Lebanese market as authorities work to promote an environment-friendly lifestyle. Favorable measures include tax exemptions for new green cars.
SOUNDBITE (Arabic): MARWAN NACHAWATY, Sales Executive, Audi
"This is the first country in the Middle East to launch this exhibition. The good things is that the government was very supportive. It removed customs fees on electric cars so electric cars have 0 percent customs fees which should attract more clients."
SOUNDBITE (Arabic): PATRICK GHASSIBEH, Sales Consultant, Porsche
"Porsche has been offering hybrid cars since 2011 and today it is offering plug-in Hybrid especially the Cayenne and Panamera. The government has supported us by removing custom fees on Electric Vehicles. People are demanding the car a lot. It is being sold at a better rate than other cars. People are also showing much interested in hybrid cars."
The expo was held in Beirut from April 11 to April 15.