Chinese mainland's 1st test-tube baby gives birth

Added On April 17, 2019

China's first test-tube baby, now a grown woman, has given birth to a baby boy on Monday at a hospital in Beijing. Doctors say this marked a milestone in the history of assisted reproductive technology in China. 
Zheng Mengzhu was born 31 years ago as the first person in the country to have been conceived with test-tube technology at Peking University Third Hospital.
And now she works at the same?hospital as a medical archivist in the Reproductive Medicine Center. She says so many people here have helped work for her birth and she wanted to give back and help more families like hers.?
Qiao Jie, director of the hospital, said the successful birth of Zheng's child means a lot.
SOUNDBITE(CHINESE):QIAO JIE,Director of the hospital
"Today, Zheng Mengzhu, China's first test-tube baby, has [grown up and] given birth to a healthy baby boy, proving the safety as well as effectiveness of China's assisted reproductive technology. And about one to two babies in every 100 newborns are born with assisted reproductive technology in China. The technology has reached leading levels in the world."
Qiao also said, besides addressing infertility, assisted reproductive technology has also been used in China to screen for genetic diseases, to help more families to have healthy children and also facilitate cancer patients to have children.