China-built irrigation project makes breakthrough in nepal

Added On April 18, 2019

 Celebrating the breakthrough of a national project constructed by China, Nepali leaders and officials on Tuesday said that the project has supported the country's determination to realize its national dream: a "Prosperous Nepal and Happy Nepali." 

As the first inter-basin water transfer project of its kind, the main part of it has been completed almost one year earlier than expected. The 12.2 km tunnel on the bank of Bheri River, which is famous for its resourceful water, is located in western Nepal. 
"Selection of the team is correct, and the manager and the team are very young and energetic. And we used modern technology in this project, which is the positive aspect and the reason of success as well."
According to the Chinese ambassador, the success of the project is a result of international cooperation, characterized by the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) manufactured by America, and the design and construction completed by the Chinese contractor.
SOUNDBITE (CHINESE): HOU YANQI, Chinese Ambassador to Nepal
"With the successful completion of the major part of the project, Nepali ministers and officials have expressed confidence to carry out similar mega projects, which could transform the country's economy."
Through a 12.2km long tunnel, this 107-million-U.S. dollar project will provide irrigation facilities to 51,000 hectares of land.
According to the project's supervision contractor based in Italy, the dedication of the Chinese contractor, alongside the TBM technology, is the major reason behind the success.