Chinese company helps indigenous people in Brazil

Added On April 18, 2019

 Brazil's Jarudore Reservation, in the southern state of Mato Grosso, is home to many members of Brazil's indigenous Bororo people.

The arrival of a Chinese company is giving locals new opportunities for a better life.
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When China's State Grid Brazil Holding came to Jarudore?Reservation, many in the community saw better days ahead. According to Brazilian law, any company that establishes itself within 8 kilometers of an indigenous reservation or community must perform social services in the region.
SOUNDBITE: CHANG ZHONGJIAO, State Grid Brazil Holding 
"We donated machines, cows, and built a milk processing plant in addition to training staff to use the machines and raise the cows. Now they have a stable source of life and have achieved self-sufficiency."
"The cows arrived and we are very happy, because it is very difficult for us as a community to have an income to support our people."
With help from the Chinese company, which provides technical support and infrastructure for mechanized milk production, the dream of a better quality of life has become a reality. For indigenous people living in a modern world, however, there is always the problem of tradition versus modernity.
"When making investments, we observe local laws and regulations, but we also respect local habits and traditions. We respect indigenous culture while helping to improve people's lives. We also try to help and maintain cultural heritage."
Today, Brazil's Bororo people aren't only self-sufficient, they are also preserving their culture and traditions.