Indonesians vote to elect president, parliamentarians

Added On April 18, 2019

 Voters in Indonesia have started to cast votes to elect their president and members of the parliament.
Indonesians began voting in the world's biggest single-day election on Wednesday as polling stations opened across the country.
The first votes were cast in easternmost provinces at 7 a.m. local time, followed by voters in central regions and then the capital Jakarta and western provinces, as the vast archipelagic country has three time zones.
The two hose race presidential election pits incumbent President Joko Widodo against his populist challenger Prabowo Subianto. 
Widodo emphasizes the importance of more economic stability and business friendly environment, while Probowo is apt to approach more protectionism to champion people's prosperity.
Indonesia's General Elections Commission said over 190 million eligible voters have registered to vote in 524 regencies and municipalities across the country.
Meanwhile, over 245,000 candidates are vying for more than 20,000 seats in the parliamentary elections.