EU targets $20 bln US goods for tariffs

Added On April 19, 2019

The European Commission has published a list of 20 billion U.S. dollars worth of U.S. goods in response to American subsidies to Boeing.
Economy Report has the story.
The list, published on Wednesday, covers a range of items from aircraft to chemicals and notably food products.
The list will serve as a benchmark for how the EU will retaliate against U.S. subsidies to Boeing.
SOUNDBITE(English): ALEXANDER WINTERSTEIN, Deputy Chief Spokesperson for European Commission
"The first is on trade, most specifically, on the WTO ruling confirming a few days ago that the U.S. subsidies to Boeing continue to cause significant harm to Airbus. And in order to defend a level-playing field for our industry, the European Commission has drawn up a preliminary release of U.S. products that could be subject to EU countermeasures."
There has been a decade-long fight in the World Trade Organization between Brussels and Washington over subsidies to Airbus and Boeing, the world's two largest aircraft makers.
On March 28, the WTO's Appellate Body made a ruling regarding the EU's complaint that the U.S. illegally subsidized Boeing.
The two sides remain divided about the outcome. 
Washington has hailed the rulings as a "major win" for the United States, while the European Commission says the EU scored the final victory.