Parallel import expo in Tianjin

Added On April 21, 2019

A parallel import auto expo has been held at China Tianjin International Fair for Investment and Trade.
More than 120 models of various vehicles from countries including the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Japan have been exhibited.
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Parallel import cars refer to cars that are not authorized by the brand manufacturer, traded from the international market, and introduced into the Chinese market.
Since the implementation of China's parallel import vehicle policy in 2015, a total of 17 provinces and cities including Shanghai and Tianjin have launched pilot projects for parallel imports.
SOUNDBITE(Chinese)ZHANG JIE, Head of Tianjin Senyang International Automobile City
"Through this exhibition, we hope that, with the backing of the government, we will be able to truly show you what parallel import cars are like."
According to data from the Ministry of Commerce, in 2017, about 100 pilot enterprises in nine pilot areas including Tianjin imported a total of about 136,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 109%.
SOUNDBITE 2 (Chinese): WANG XIAOTONG, Head of Tianjin Tianbao International Logistics Group Co, Ltd.
"The characteristics of parallel import cars are more suitable for the needs of niche and specialized customers. In the future, they may expand even more in this area, and the market potential will be further tapped."
By the end of last year, the sales of parallel import cars in Tianjin reached around 11.9 billion U.S. dollars, with imports volume of 5.5 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 78.5% of China's total.