2019 Penn Wharton China Summit

Added On April 22, 2019

The "2019 Penn Wharton China Summit" is underway at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Lifestyles takes you there.
Themed "Paving the Global Road", the three-day summit started with keynote speeches on China’s development, the Belt and Road Initiative, and China-U.S. ties.
Speaking at the event, the Dean of the Wharton School said there are very few things more important than the relationship between China and the U.S. 
"I think nothing could be more important than to increase, open people-to-people dialogue between our two countries, and this event embodies that spirit."
Former U.S. ambassador to China, Max Baucus, called the bilateral relationship "the most important in the world." He also urged the U.S. side to be patient, positive, and persistent in handling China-U.S. ties.
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH): MAX BAUCUS, Former US Ambassador to China
"You got to be patient in dealing with China, you got to be positive, you got to be persistent. Stick with it over and over and over again in a positive way, not negative, and be patient while doing it."
The Chinese Consul General in New York, Huang Ping, also attended the opening event. 
It was followed by panel discussions on topics like international relations, technology, finance, and healthcare, as well as a startup pitch competition.
The student-run "Penn Wharton China Summit" was founded in 2016. It aims to gather students, professionals, and entrepreneurs from both countries to discuss China's social and economic development and its interactions with the U.S. and the rest of the world.