Easter celebration in Sydney's royal botanic garden

Added On April 23, 2019

Kids and their parents at Australia's Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney celebrated Easter over the weekend with a festive easter egg hunt, face paint and candy.
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Hundreds of children and their parents gathered at Sydney's Royal Botanic Garden for the park's third annual Easter egg hunt.
The kids painted their faces, competed in fun games, and took pictures with an Easter Bunny.
Families could also enjoy the park's soft lawn and beautiful lakes, while picnicking with little creatures living in the garden.
SOUNDEBITE(ENGLISH):ROB BREWSTER, Communication and Education Programs Coordinator
"For the community, Easter in Australia is about relaxing with your family, getting people together, and obviously thinking about coming out into some of the beautiful places in our cities that were we often don't get to because we're working so hard during the rest of the year."
The Royal Botanic Garden is home to plants from over 75 countries.
Some of this year's Easter activities also included lessons about the importance of environmental protection.
SOUNDEBITE(ENGLISH):ROB BREWSTER, Communication and Education Programs Coordinator
"So we want kids to understand the importance of plants. And we try and teach them why they're important. So one of the activities just behind me, is an activity called dodge the fox. And what we do is we asked the kids to pretend that bilbies and a bilby is like a bunny rabbit. It's a native Australian animal very threatened. And Fox and cats have really played a heavy, heavy toll on bilby. So what we want to do is teach kids that plants are important for our bilbies to hide in and the bilby is a very important animal for this time of year. It's often referred to as the Easter bilby so it's like, Australia's own Easter Bunny."