Tai Chi and Qigong Festival in Turkey

Added On April 23, 2019

A Tai Chi and Qigong revel was held for Chinese martial art lovers and practitioners in Turkish capital Ankara, opening up a new world to many fresh hands and giving fanciers a chance of reunion.
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The four-day event started last Thursday.
Gulden Ortac, who has been organizing the event as a volunteer for the fourth year in a row, telling that the Tai Chi and Qigong Festival has been growing from a small-scale local event to a kind of international event. 
"Actually we started this event four years ago, together with our teachers.And this year we make it international events, now we have teachers from 8 countries, there’s about 200 people attending this year."
Apart from devotion of all the hard works the volunteers put up for the event, there are also many instructors who have been giving their best to teach Martial Art.
Ismet Himmet is one of them.
42 year-old Martial Art instructor started his martial art life with Bruce Lee’s film like many Kong Fu fans.
"When I was a kid, it was not the martial side, it was like Li Xiaolong, you know, like Bruce Lee. When I see the movie, it's not his fighting, it was his expression, "shen", you know from his eyes make me want to study this martial arts. Since then, I'm practicing like martial arts and coming to Kong Fu, to basically Chinese Kong Fu, for this kind of expression what you don't have in other martial arts."
According to the organizers, the 4th Tai Chi and Qigong festival is sponsored by Chinese Culture Center and its ongoing support has been promoting not only martial arts such as Tai Chi or Qigong, but also the other Chinese cultures.
The event also features Chinese tea ceremony, calligraphy and sword shows which attracted a big crowd around the weekend.