Added On April 25, 2019

 Stephen Ndegwa, a public policy lecturer at the United States International University Africa based in Kenya, has said the BRI has generated positive influences on global economy.
"I think the global influence, first of all, definitely is the trade, goods now will be able to be exchanged across the world. So there is the trade aspect which is the main objective of the Belt and Road. But the inter-connectivity will go beyond trade into cultural dissemination, So I think the Belt and Road Initiative is going to bring the world together in a sort of mutual understanding, in a sort of give and take where everyone is going to win depending on what they want to achieve through the Belt and Road."
He added that the BRI offers immense development opportunities for African countries.
"I think now we will have a voice because there will be so many choices for us. And so we are going to be able to showcase our products, our services or just even ourselves and we are going to place what we can we do out there and we are sure we going to get by this. So I think mine is to look at win-win for everyone to ensure that Africa doesn’t continue to be exploited, that we can be able to get more markets for our goods, we can be able to get well you know serious investors who have our interests at heart and we are going of course to benefit at the end of the day by selling our goods and services to the highest bidder regardless of where they are because then we are able to move with ease as the BRI takes shape."