World officials on belt & road initiative

Added On April 25, 2019

The second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation is in sight, and leaders from across the world have voiced their support for the China-proposed Belt and Road initiative, or BRI.
From where they stand, the initiative, connecting sea and land together, is as much an ambitious infrastructure blueprint, as a roadmap for the joint welfare of people around the world.
CNC takes you to hear what world officials say about the initiative.
SOUNDBITE (English): ANTONIO GUTERRES, UN Secretary-General
"Such a very important volume of investment in international cooperation as the Belt and Road is a very important opportunity, an important opportunity for enhancing the capacity to implement the sustainable development goals and also an important opportunity to launch a green perspective in relation to necessary investment that are essential in the years to come."
SOUNDBITE (English): GEORGE KATROUGALOS, Greek Foreign Minister 
"We consider that the One Belt One Road initiative is a clear example on how different countries can work together in order to promote international commerce and achieve mutually beneficial for all sides gains."
SOUNDBITE (English): MILOS ZEMAN, Czech President 
" New silk road is a fantastic infrastructure project, connecting china through central asia to Europe."
SOUNDBITE (English): MILOS ZEMAN, Czech President 
"I highly evaluate new silk road, as a very interesting infrastructure project. not only high speed railway, but it might also intensify new enterprises and even new towns."
SOUNDBITE (English) : NICOS ANASTASIADES, Cypriot President
"I consider it as great opportunity, for countries like Cyprus, especially a member of the European Union and its geographical position that is an excellent to see how we can enhance further our excellent relations with China and to promote areas which might give results in the interest of our countries. I have to say that the last years the imports from China were raised up by seven percent where in the past were two to three per cent."
“I believe Nepal's engagement under the BRI framework and participation in this summit will help to fulfill Nepali people's longing for development.”
SOUNDBITE (English): MAYA TSKITISHVILI, Georgian Vice Prime Minister 
"And of course we have appreciated how important this initiative was, not just for china, but and not just for the countries which are on the one belt one road (Belt and Road) way, but also for the world economy as well. And we are very much looking forward for the opportunity to evaluate the five years now for about five years from this initiative and how large how large involvement it had also."
SOUNDBITE (English): LEE HSIEN LOONG, Singaporean Prime Minister 
"So the economic ties have grown tremendously, and the basis of this has been, of course, China's reform and opening up, and our assessment and perspective that this has been a tremendous boom to China and the world. Therefore, where possible, Singapore will participate in this and make a modest contribution to help the process. And in the process, we also hope to benefit from China's development and progress. So from that point of view, I think our overall relations have grown tremendously."