Sri lankan pm: is may be behind attacks in sri lanka

Added On April 25, 2019

Sri Lankan Prime Minister says that Islamic State may be behind Sunday's attacks against Sri Lanka, which have left more than 300 people dead and over 500 people injured.
Tuesday marked the national mourning day for the victims of the multiple bomb attacks which hit churches and hotels.
Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe said there is news coming in from Cairo that the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attacks.
He said they will be following up on IS claims, adding that they believe there may be links.
The prime minister said the security agencies of the country were monitoring those Sri Lankans who had joined IS and returned home.
Regarding the investigations, he said investigators had made good progress in identifying the culprits, and it would take more time.
He also said the government has taken 40 suspects into custody, and all of them are Sri Lankan citizens.
"The government will continue its policy of having unity in the country and having religious groups getting together while cracking down on global terrorism."
Meanwhile, Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena said he expects to change the heads of the defense forces within the next 24 hours following their failure to prevent the attacks, adding he will also completely restructure the police and security forces in the coming weeks.
The president said that they had already received international assistance to conduct a thorough probe into the attacks and assured that all steps would be taken to curb terrorism in Sri Lanka.
And Sri Lankan nationals offered their condolences on the national mourning day on Tuesday.
Some Sri Lankans chose to pay a three-minute silent mourning for the deceased and the injured.
Meanwhile, others went to churches, blood donation centers and hospitals to offer their mourning and help.
All government buildings, as well as hotels and public places, lowered flags at half-staff to pay respect to the victims.