Rooftop Farm in Paris

Added On April 25, 2019

Now turning to France, where gardeners are growing organic produce at a Paris rooftop farm.
Housed atop the Bastille opera house, the Topager rooftop urban farm produces several varieties of vegetables.
The urban farm opened as part of the Paris cultures initiative to promote urban agriculture.
Topager spans across a 2,500 square-meter rooftop surface.
SOUNDBITE (French): MAEVA PESANTI, Market Gardener at Topager
"Three terraces were planted. The goal is to produce 50 to 100 baskets of vegetables a week. Every week,one vegetable basket can generate a total value of 10 euros. They are offered to employees of the opera house and there is also a small retail store next to it."
Market gardener Maeva Pesanti says the vegetables are fully organic.
SOUNDBITE(French): MAEVA PESANTI, Market Gardener at Topager
"We refrain from using some treatments that are even classified as organic. We refrain from using them because these are substances that will bio-concentrate in the soil."
The rooftop farm is financially supported by the Bastille opera house.
Founded in September 2018, the urban farm is here to stay for at least a decade.