Xiaomi opens Latin America's largest mi store in Chile

Added On April 30, 2019

Chinese technology brand Xiaomi has opened its first Mi store in Chile.
People lined up for more than 24 hours to be the first to buy their favorite Mi products.
Take a look.
More than 500 people packed into one of Santiago's biggest shopping centers on Saturday to see Chile's first Xiaomi Mi Store, which is also the largest Mi Store in Latin America.
Vania Tapia waited more than 24 hours to see the Chinese company's latest innovations.
"I arrived at one o'clock on Friday afternoon. I love Xiaomi because of its great value for money and it is always caring about its fans."
The store also marked the beginning of Xiaomi's expansion plan for the country with offers on its Redmi Note 7, Mi 9, and Redmi 7 phones.
The technology brand's newest Latin American store sells more than 100 Xiaomi products, including cell phones, security cameras, computers, robotic vacuum cleaners, bicycles and electric scooters.
SOUNDBITE(Spanish):CRISTIAN RIVERA, Partner of Mi Store
"We are inaugurating the first official store of Xiaomi in Chile. The 250-square-meter room allows us to display the full range of Xiaomi products. We will continue adding more products.We have a professional team to answer all of the concerns that our Xiaomi lovers may have."
Xiaomi is a Chinese company dedicated to the design, development and sale of a wide variety of electronic products: from pens to smartphones to automobiles.
It has become known in Latin America for offering quality devices at a low price.