Ghana welcomes broader BRI cooperation

Added On May 9, 2019

Ghana is looking to play a more active role in the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative, with government officials saying the initiative will help boost the country's infrastructure development.
The 2019 China Trade Week will be held in Ghana next month.
While announcing the event on Monday, chief executive officer of the Ghana Investment Promotion Center Yoofi Grant said China's initiatives for developing trade and infrastructure are important to Ghana. 
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH): YOOFI GRANT, Ghana Investment Promotion Center
"If you notice what is happening in China through the Belt and Road Initiative which should link 4.4 billion people and it comes close to 66 countries, it is to bring the world closer in trade partnerships and development. And so even as we embarking on Ghana beyond Aid, China becomes a willing partner in that endeavor."
Grant stressed that Ghana places a high value on its relationship with China.
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH): YOOFI GRANT, Ghana Investment Promotion Center
"China is currently our largest trading partner and is also the biggest investor in terms of the number of investments. So I think an exhibition of such a nature will benefit us because we can learn right on the spot and find the partnerships that we can use to manufacture and create trade links."