Renewed houthi shelling hits Red Sea Mills

Added On May 11, 2019

A military spokesman has said Houthis fighters have renewed their shelling against the Red Sea Mills in the Yemeni port city of Hodeidah, causing damages to the grain facility.
The spokesman on Thursday said that serious damages affected one of the silos containing tons of grain, causing a fire that destroyed large quantities of grain at the facility.
Last Friday, an international team of seven experts began a visit to the war-torn province of Hodeidah, in preparation for restarting the Red Sea Mills operations, which have been stalled since last September.
The UN team accompanied by workers and millers managed to gain access to the government-controlled grain facility located near the military frontlines with the Houthis on the southern outskirts of Hodeidah last Sunday.
The Saudi-backed Yemeni government forces repeatedly accuse the Houthi gunmen of shelling the Red Sea Mills more than once during the past months.