Officials Italy Could Be BRI TGerminal in S Europe

Added On May 13, 2019

 Italian officials and experts have voiced their support for the Belt and Road Initiative, saying that Italy could become the BRI's terminal in southern Europe.

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A conference entitled "Italy-China Partnership in the New Silk Road" was held Friday in Rome.
Speaking at the conference, Vito Petrocelli, head of Italy's Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate, stressed that the BRI could help Italy reduce its North-South development gap, enhance people-to-people exchanges, and promote global cooperation.
SOUNDBITE (ITALIAN): VITO PETROCELLI, Italian Foreign Affairs Committee of Senate
"Italy is ready to become BRI's terminal in southern Europe, not just in the distribution of goods because the "New Silk Road" also means people-to-people cooperation."
According to an analysis conducted by Italian think tank CER, the BRI could unleash the potential of international trade through reinforcing connectivity.
Chinese Ambassador to Italy Li Ruiyu highlighted the need for both Italy and China to nurture the Belt and Road, expand infrastructure connectivity and create new channels for people-to-people exchanges.
SOUNDBITE (CHINESE): LI RUIYU, Chinese Ambassador to Italy
Comprehensive cooperation will only bring real benefits for the two countries' peoples. The future is promising."