Philippine official: Asian countries must understand each other

Added On May 15, 2019

 A Philippine official has spoken with CNC about the importance of fostering understanding among Asian countries ahead of this year's Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations in Beijing.

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Philippine Communications Secretary Martin Andanar made the remarks in an interview with CNC in Manila.
Andanar, who is also chief of the Philippine Presidential Communications Operations Office, will attend this week's Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations in Beijing.
SOUNDBITE 1 (English): MARTIN ANDANAR, Philippine Communications Secretary
"I believe that when we are talking about Asian civilizations, I think it's the right time for everybody to learn each other's cultures, traditions, peoples. Because before we can even change the entire civilization, maybe contribute to the betterment of the human race, we as Asians must understand each other."
Andanar said exchanges between Asian civilizations date back to ancient times.
SOUNDBITE 2 (English): MARTIN ANDANAR, Philippine Communications Secretary
"We all have unique cultures. We must seize the opportunity, the moment for us to shine on the world stage. And when we shine on the world stage, it is important for us to know each other's or to revisit our civilization and to also be familiar with the civilizations that have contributed to our growth. For example, China, India, the Philippines and other countries that will be attending this dialogue. It is only when we are familiar with each other's civilizations that we can stand as one Asia, and have the same understanding, the commonality of improving the human race."
Andanar said the exchanges between Manila and Beijing in recent years have been "unprecedented."
SOUNDBITE 3 (English): MARTIN ANDANAR, Philippine Communications Secretary
"In recent years, the Philippines and China have been very progressive and very active. It's people-to-people and cultural exchanges, and I believe that we must do this continuously so that we can learn from each other, know each other, more familiar with each other, and we can showcase each other's cultures and traditions and what have you."