Rare whales,dolphis found in South China Sea

Added On May 15, 2019

 Marine researchers have observed several rare species of whales and dolphins in the South China Sea during a recent scientific investigation.

The findings will help conservationists protect local whale populations.
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After a 14-day investigation, researchers found rare sperm whales and striped dolphins swimming in the South China Sea.
Observers say the presence of mother and baby sperm whales as well as beaked whales indicate the existence of a possible habitat.
The investigation was conducted in an area about 400 km long and 200 km wide offshore of south China's island province of Hainan.
The investigation has helped gain insight into the formation, distribution and living habits of whales in the region.
Researcher said data collected on the biodiversity of whales in the South China Sea is of great significance to the study and protection of local whale populations.