European powers tell US to exercise maximum restraint with Iran

Added On May 15, 2019

 The Europeans Union (EU) and member states' foreign ministers have told U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to exercise maximum restraint and avoid escalating any military conflicts with Iran.

"Mike Pompeo heard that very clearly from us, not only from myself, but also from the other ministers of EU member states, that we are living in crucial, delicate moments, where the most responsible attitude to take is -- and we believe should be -- maximum restraint, and avoiding any escalation on the military side."  
During a meeting with France, Germany and the United Kingdom on Monday, the EU's top diplomat said both the EU side and all the member states clearly expressed their will to continue to implement in full the nuclear deal with Iran.
Also on Monday, an Iranian official said Iran may quit the nuclear deal it clinched with major world powers in 2015.
The spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran said Iran has a host of different measures to take, including withdrawal from the nuclear accord, if its nuclear case is sent back to the UN Security Council.
The European Union's top diplomat stressed that Iran is still compliant with the nuclear deal.
The European signatories still support the deal and have vowed to sidestep U.S. sanctions re-imposed after its withdrawal.