Foreign ministry: China will never surrender to external pressure

Added On May 16, 2019

 A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson says that China will never surrender to external pressure and has the resolve and capability to defend its legitimate rights and interests. 

The spokesperson made the remarks on Tuesday at a press briefing in response to questions regarding China-U.S. trade frictions. 
SOUNDBITE(CHINESE) GENG SHUANG, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson
"China doesn't want a trade war, but we are not afraid of fighting one. If someone brings the war to our doorstep, we will fight to the end." 
The spokesperson also said China is by no means the party that had pulled back and broken its promise.
U.S. President Donald Trump accused China of pulling back on some of the promises when a deal between the two countries was "95 percent" done.
The spokesperson said before the negotiation is concluded and an agreement is reached, there is no such saying as "violating promises."
He said China is by no means the "backtracking" side, noting the U.S. side abandoned multiple consensuses just a few days after they were reached in May last year, and deliberately raised the asking price in subsequent negotiations following consensus on the value of Chinese purchases of U.S. goods reached last December.
The spokesperson said China has shown the greatest sincerity and kindness during negotiations with the United States, expressing the hope that the two countries can meet each other halfway and achieve a mutually beneficial and win-win agreement on the basis of mutual respect, equal treatment and commitment.
He also noted that imposing additional tariffs will not solve any problems, whoever starting the trade war will hurt himself as well as others. China will continue to expand market access, increase imports of goods and service and attach importance to the implementation of opening-up policies.