Breakthrough in construction of High Speed Rail in Indonesia

Added On May 16, 2019

 Indonesian and Chinese enterprises have made important progress on the Indonesia High Speed Rail construction. 

The Walini Tunnel, one of the most difficult construction sites, has advanced into a breakthrough step in West Bandung, West Java.
Rini Soemarno, Indonesia's Minister of State-owned Enterprises, said that the 608 meter tunnel construction could meet its time target because of the successful cooperation between Indonesian and Chinese enterprises. 
SOUNDBITE (English):Rini Soemarno, Indonesian State-owned Enterprises
“The partnership goes well so we can build this tunnel in a very timely way, so we hope that the progress of the project at this moment is about 17.5 percent. The target by the end of 2019 is 59 percent. And we hope by the end of 2020 the whole tract is completed and I hope the station will be completed.”
Indonesia hopes that the High Speed Rail, the first in South East Asia, will start operation in April 2021.
Indonesia and China are constructing the Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Rail under the framework of The Belt and Road Initiative.
The High Speed Rail will connect the city of Jakarta to the city of Bandung. 
The traveling time will be cut from three hours to 35 minutes.