Palestinian refugee starts career in Lebanon

Added On May 16, 2019

For refugees in Lebanon, it's not easy to find a job.

But, it's not the case for a talented Palestinian barber who makes living cutting hair. And the haircuts he gives are anything but regular.
Lifestyles has the story.
Mohannad Khaled Omar moved from Damascus to Beirut eight years ago, to flee Syria's civil war. He makes a living cutting hair. 
Omar cuts intricate design in his clients' hair, like portraits of US President Donald Trump or Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat.
Omar learned the skill when he was in the ninth grade.
“I started to work as a barber when I was in the ninth grade. When I was learning to be a barber, I found I could cut characters. I learned how to cut portraits and improve my skills. I use both those talents here in Lebanon.”
Around 85 percent of Palestinian refugees that used to live in Syria's Yarmouk camp have fled Damascus.?About 37,000 refugees live in makeshift camps, where conditions are dire.
There are few legal protections and few employment opportunities for Palestinian refugees.
Omar's special skills have made him an exception. A good number of young clients enter his shop every day.
The artistic barber even has an apprentice, who holds up photos of characters and designs. Omar is optimistic about his future career. 
“I want to start something new but not in the Arab world. I want to travel outside to show people that we have capabilities and talents."