Chinese performance addresses climate change concern

Added On May 16, 2019

Chinese fashion designer and contemporary artist Xu Rui has presented her latest project in London. The three-act performance addresses concern about climate change.

Take a look.
Xu Rui's performance draws upon a story about seven divine beasts in an ancient and legendary realm.
The once-exalted and powerful creatures, created both as gods and beasts, lose their magical powers after being transported to the mundane world of modern city life.
The three-act performance reflects how human activity impacts the natural world.
"The theme of this performance is the Dethroning of Divine Beasts, which is another way to express our concern for the environment. I hope that my work will evoke a shared understanding of artistic beauty and remind the public to rethink their behavior."
Xu's performance highlights the fragile divinity of nature and addresses concern about climate change and environmental disaster.