Experts on significance of CDAC

Added On May 17, 2019

The on-going Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations promises to build a platform for dialogue between civilizations.

Let's hear what experts say about it.
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) Hassan Md. Enamul, Bangladesh Daily Sun
"In this case, President Xi Jinping has come up with a dialogue of civilization. It's totally alternative to clash of civilization. And I am very much optimistic that it will produce some effective results to remove and reduce conflicts between different countries and different dimensions."
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) BUNDIT LIMSCHOON, Secretary General of Asia Cooperation Dialogue
Thanks for President Xi Jinping to invent the forum, so small countries have "a place to stand. Small country, we (our) country can have a voice to be heard. That's the most important in culture. And after we learn about the validity of the cultures of Asia, we can look into ourselves. We can start to build up our identity."
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) O'Donnell Patrick James, Press
“I think it's very important initiative and I think it's great that President Xi has come along with these nations together and I think it's very important that we do so through dialogue rather than conflict.”
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) PETER FRANKOPAN, Professor of University of Oxford
"The idea that one culture is better than the other one is completely wrong. But clearly it's something which President Xi felt it was important to address and the reaction in the room tells you that there is a sense I think that the narrative is too strong for other cultures. "
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) BANI DUGAI, Principal Representative of UN, Baha'i International Community
“I think dialogue can accomplish much more than conflict of any kind can. Well I think it's by having dialogue between the different civilizations, we learn more about each other and the diversity of humankind.”