Huawei hits back at US restrictions

Added On May 18, 2019

Chinese technology company Huawei has said that restricting it from doing business in the United States will not make the country anymore secure or stronger, but eventually harm "the interests of U.S. companies and consumers".
Huawei made the statement after the U.S. Department of Commerce announced they would add Huawei and its affiliates to the Entity List of the department's Bureau of Industry and Security, restricting the sale or transfer of American technology to the enlisted company.
Huawei said it is "ready and willing to engage with the U.S. government and come up with effective measures to ensure product security."
The company said the U.S. move will only serve to limit the U.S. to inferior yet more expensive alternatives, leaving the U.S. lagging behind in 5G deployment, and eventually harming the interests of U.S. companies and consumers.
Huawei also said unreasonable restrictions will infringe upon Huawei's rights and raise other serious legal issues.