UN official warns of conflict escalation in Syria

Added On May 19, 2019

The UN humanitarian chief has warned that recent intensification of hostilities in northwest Syria's Idlib province is unleashing a humanitarian nightmare.

UN humanitarian chief Mark Lowcock made the remarks on Friday when updating the UN Security Council on Idlib province..
SOUNDBITE 2(English) MARK LOWCOCK, UN Humanitarian Chief
"In the last three weeks we have reports that up to 160 people have been killed. At least 180,000 people have been displaced, and millions of people are crammed into an ever smaller area. 180,000 in three weeks."
Idlib province is the last major rebel stronghold in Syria, and also a de-escalation zone. It is controlled by an umbrella group of the al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front.
SOUNDBITE1 (English) Mark Lowcock, UN Humanitarian Chief
"The United Nations estimates that three million people live in the area of the de-escalation zone in the northwest of the country. Even before the recent escalation, these were among the most vulnerable people in Syria, particularly the 1 million children, and the 1.3 million people who have fled to Idlib from other parts of the country."
Idlib has seen an escalation of hostilities since mid-April.