Scholars expect closer ties among Asian countries

Added On May 20, 2019

 Scholars from across Asia have gathered in Shanghai to share their views on Asian civilization and modern diplomacy.

They say a conference on cultural contact among Asian civilizations will help boost ties between nations.
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH)SHYAM SARAN, Former Indian Foreign Secretary
"I think this is a very good time for us to really reflect on some of the civilization of the attributes of Asian countries like China, like India, which I have always emphasized that there is an interest beyond your own country, that there is a larger humanity, to which you must contribute. So I think reviving that spirit where you are looking at the world as a whole, regarding the world as a family.
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH)KOHARA MASAHIRO, Professor at University of Tokyo
"I think the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations held in Beijing is a very good timing to show what's our cooperation and collaboration among countries in Asia toward the future, and international order. I think it's a very good timing. And I think we have a lot of experiences shown by our collaboration and cooperation in the previous years. "