Protestors Rally to Support Maduro

Added On May 22, 2019

Protestors gathered in Caracas on Monday to show their support for President Nicolas Maduro, demanding an end to the U.S. aggression. 

ZORAIDA BALZA, Maduro Supporter 
"We are the people, we are the people's power, and we have chosen our president, Nicolas Maduro, as the president of Venezuela."
FELIX ORTA, Maduro Supporter 
"Why does the United States want to intervene? You have to know that this country wants the best for the world."
At the rally, Maduro proposed early elections for the National Assembly, a part of the country's legislative branch led by the opposition, who have been held in contempt by the Supreme Court since 2017.
 NICOLAS MADURO, Venezuelan President 
"We are going to legitimize the only institution that has not been legitimized in the last five years. We are going to have early elections for the National Assembly to know who has the people, who has the votes, to see who wins.”
Maduro also denounced the constant commercial and financial attacks from the United States. 
NICOLAS MADURO, Venezuelan President: 
"They think that we're going to give up because of this. They believe that we are going to deliver ourselves this way. We say to the American empire: never, by any sanction or by any means, will the Bolivarian people surrender to you! These people will resist, these people will advance and we will solve every problem that needs to be solved!”