UNAIDS chief hails Kenya's HIV/AIDS response

Added On May 24, 2019

 UNAIDS Executive Director Gunilla Carlsson was speaking when hosting Kenya's First Lady Margaret Kenyatta at the UNAIDS headquarters in Geneva.

Carlsson assured the First Lady of her organization's continued support in the fight against the HIV/AIDS scourge,and the ongoing measures aimed at taking health services closer to Kenyans in need through the medical safaris.
Kenyatta was here to talk about her Beyond Zero initiative to improve maternal and child health and to reduce the impact of HIV in the country.
SOUNDBITE (English): MARGARET KENYATTA, First Lady of Kenya
"I needed to urge the government, plus local and international policymakers, to do more to safeguard the rights of women, mothers and children in the health arena. This formed the birth of my Beyond Zero initiative focusing on maternal and child health."
Kenyatta said Beyond Zero is investing in interventions to reduce new HIV infections among adolescents and to completely eliminate mother-to-child transmission. New HIV infections among Kenyan children fell from 13,000 in 2013, to 8,000 in 2017.
To scale up the battle, the First Lady called on individuals, communities and nations to join the efforts to end the disease.
"The HIV/AIDS war continues, we cannot leave the battlefield just yet. We must recommit ourselves towards ‘Ending HIV by 2030."