Sino-Greek cooperation in higher education

Added On May 25, 2019

The next steps in Chinese-Hellenic cooperation in higher education have been examined during a rectors' forum in Athens.
Greek and Chinese participants have expressed willingness to deepen bilateral ties in this field and help boost friendship between the two peoples.
Dozens of presidents and rectors from Chinese and Greek universities attended the forum on Thursday.
During the opening remarks at the forum, Zhang Qiyue, the Chinese Ambassador to Greece, referred to the cultural foundation of friendly relations between Greece and China.
SOUNDBTIE(CHINESE): ZHANG QIYUE, Chinese Ambassador to Greece
"As President Xi Jinping pointed out during his meeting with President Prokopis Pavlopoulos, China and Greece are both ancient civilizations whose friendly exchanges go back a long way, and the two countries share a natural affinity.In terms of education, we share many similarities. We both have the tradition of respecting teachers and valuing education."
A rector from a Greek university said that a total of 11 cooperation agreements have been signed between Greek and Chinese universities in recent years and three more are on the way, while more and more Chinese students study in Greece and Greeks in China.
SOUNDBTIE(GREEK):MELETIOS-ATHANASIOS DIMOPOULOS, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
"We wish that cooperation for the exchanges of students, professors and researchers will contribute to the better communication of the unique elements of the civilizations of the two peoples and will help to strengthen the friendship between the two countries."
SOUNDBTIE(CHINESE): ZHAO LINGSHAN, China Education Association for Int'l Exchange
"We hope to strengthen the pragmatic cooperation with the Greek higher education sector, expand the vision of cooperation in the Chinese education sector, and bring together the educational circles of the two sides to enhance both China's and Greece's international influence and competitiveness in education field."
During the forum, the two sides exchanged views on a wide range of topics.
The establishment of the first undergraduate program in Archaeology, History and Ancient Greek Literature was announced at the forum. 
The program is set to kick off in 2020 and will be taught in English.
SOUNDBTIE(ENGLISH) KOSTAS GAVROGLU, Greek Minister of Education, Research and Religious Affairs
"We hope it will be a very successful program and I very much hope that students from China will be among the first people who will be studying in this program."